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Delightful DX when working with a Decoupled Drupal integration

Jesus Olivas

Aug 17th 8:30am MDT (25 min)

In this session, we will explore the power and flexibility of Drupal when used as a composable content platform. With the rise of headless and decoupled CMS approaches, Drupal has evolved to become an ideal choice for organizations seeking to build complex and highly customized digital experiences.

We will explore the Remix approach to decoupling Drupal, which embraces the principles of component-based design and enables a modular and scalable development process. By leveraging Remix, a cutting-edge front-end framework, we can easily compose reusable components that consume Drupal's content GraphQL API.

Discover the suite of Drupal modules and NPM packages you can use to create a seamless integration between Drupal and Remix. Learn how to manage authentication, provide inline-preview for published and unpublished content, publish and serve optimized images, and create delightful editorial experiences for content editors.

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