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How to use AI in an decoupled and composable architecture

Michael Schmid

Aug 16th 10:45am MDT (50 min)

Artificial Intelligence is here and is meant to stay. Like Decoupled Days in 2017 was ahead of its time and gave us a sneak peak on what is going to happen in the years ahead in Decoupled Architectures, we think similar things are going to happen with AI as well.

So let's look at how we can use AI for decoupled and composable architectures, not just in a theoretical way but with actual real life examples. Here a couple of things we have already up and running:

1. How to run pre-trained Models in an decoupled architecture.
2. Different ways to train your own LLM (Large Language Models) and use it in a decoupled architecture.
3. What other AIs (Image generation, etc) exist and how they could be used in a decoupled architecture.

In this session you will lean what different AIs are, their capabilities, how to use them and how they might change how we build applications in the future.

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