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Remix and GraphQL: A match made in heaven with type-safety DX

Jesus Olivas

Aug 16th 11:45am MDT (25 min)

Remix and GraphQL are two of the most exciting technologies in web development today. Remix is a new frontend framework that makes it easy to build efficient and type-safe applications. GraphQL is a query language that makes it easy to fetch data from a variety of sources.

In this session, we will discuss how Remix and GraphQL can be used together to create a more efficient and type-safe development experience. We will cover the following topics:

- The challenges of developing web applications with traditional templating languages
- How Remix can be used to improve state management and data fetching
- How GraphQL can be used to improve the development experience for Remix applications
- The benefits of using Remix and GraphQL together

This session is for anyone interested in learning more about Remix and GraphQL. No prior experience with either technology is required.

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