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Scaling & Maintaining a Frontend Distribution: Benefits, governance, and trade-offs

Danny Lake

Aug 16th 1:00pm MDT (50 min)

Decoupled frontend experiences have moved from early adoption to mainstream acceptance. For enterprise brands who may have initially conducted side projects with a framework like Next.js, serious investments are now being made in headless and composable commerce.

With the maturation both of the market and technology, larger multi-brand teams are looking for ways to optimize delivery for brand owners. The introduction of a frontend distribution, including a design system, shared code repositories, and corresponding governance processes, enable efficiency and the ability to control technical debt.

What you’ll learn:
In this session we will explore the opportunities and challenges present in delivering decoupled frontends for multiple brands, demonstrating where a frontend distribution provides for greater scalability and maintainability across experiences. Participants will learn:
1. The challenges and opportunities present in multi-brand delivery
2. How to conceptualize multiple-brands as an experience portfolio
3. Consideration of brand differences and their impact on technical and experience design debt
4. Understanding delivery process and controls, avoiding a shed full of re-invented wheels
5. How to achieve scalability with a frontend distribution

Participants will benefit most from this session if they possess:
1. An understanding of the benefits of headless content and commerce
2. Experience working as part of a team that has conducted at least an initial proof-of-concept around a decoupled or headless frontend

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