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The what, why, and how of Composable Architecture

James Luterek

Aug 17th 9:00am MDT (50 min)

Early this year, Netlify acquired Gatsby Inc. with the express goal to “Accelerate Adoption of Composable Web Architectures”. This architecture trend has been growing for years, but for many developers, this announcement was their first-time hearing about it. If you are curious what this means, why it’s exciting, and how to get started, you found the right place.

James Luterek has been designing composable architectures for enterprise ecommerce companies for the past five years. He will walk through the basic goals of composability and provide a baseline architecture. Finally, share insights and best practices for adopting composable while avoiding the common issues.

Topics covered will include:

- Overview of composable architecture highlighting technical pros and cons.
- Key considerations for design, including critical integration points.
- An initial architecture of a successful composable commerce solution.

Attendees will leave the session with a deeper understanding of the concepts and practical skills required to design a composable architecture.

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